Introduction: Flat Packed Desk Microphone

Here's an instructable on how to make my Flat Pack Desk Microphone.

Step 1: You're Going to Need These Items.

➡️1 Polystyrene plate 200x200 mm

➡️Black "gewebeband" (tessa)

➡️A microphone similar to the Trust Desk Microphone (or better)



Step 2: Strip the Microphone Until Only the Cable and the Diaphragm Remain.

Step 3: Download the PDF File.

Step 4: Use the File to Lasercut the Shapes Out of the 2 Mm Poly Styrene Plate.

Step 5: Attach the Loose Parts From the First Shape Together With the Black Tape.

Step 6: Plug the Diaphragm Into the Hole, It Should Be a Tight Fit. Don't Forget to Seal It With Some Black Tape!

Step 7: Your Flat Packed Desk Microphone Is Ready!