Introduction: Flat Sausage

About: hgv driver but only because it pays more than I can make otherwise

This works out at 32.5 p/100g raw or 35p per 66g portion once cooked,177calories 67calories for the egg and oil to cook it (1cal oil spray) gives me a breakfast of just 244 calories for about 50p.

Step 1: Ingredients

A small handful of chopped chives and a few sage leaves from the garden cost and calories negligible.

A tennis ball sized onion 140g £0.10 and 46 calories

500g pork mince £1.89 and 895 calories

15ml oil (3x5ml) cooking £0.15 and 124 calories I may have missed the cost of the oil out of the price calculation but add the calories up and divide by 6 and that's the 177 calories per portion

Step 2: Onion

roughly chop the onion and sage the puree with a power chopper? I guess it has a proper name but I've no idea, and yes it does make your eyes stream.

Step 3: Mix

Put the mince in a mixing bowl, season to taste I used ground black pepper and a level teaspoon of mustard flour that might be another 10 calories I've missed in about 2g of mustard flour. Add the onion/sage puree and the chopped chives mix until all is evenly distributed and there is no sign of the strands the mince came in. I just used the blade of the knife I used to chop the onion and chives with for this.

Step 4: Divide

I'm using an 18cm frying pan, so I split the mixture into 3 equal portions, and firmed it into an even thickness on a side plate/saucer withe the knife blade. I've discovered trying to cook it all at once in a larger pan doesn't work that well.

Step 5: Cook

Put 5ml (1 teaspoon) of oil in the pan heat and swirl until it coats the whole of the base of the pan.

add the portion of sausage meat and press out to fill the base of the pan I use a potato masher I guess a fish slice would do. cook with a lid on if you've got one once the top surface has changed colour flip it over and press it down again, this should cause meat juices/water/ fat to ooze out of the meat let the water evaporate off (takes less than a minute) once the bubbles have died down drain off the juices and fat put the lid back on an cook for about another 6 minutes turn it over twice whilst you are doing so. Turn out onto a plate scrape the burnt crispy bits out of the pan add another 5ml of oil and repeat with the next portion and again for the last.

Step 6: Eat

I used to consider one pans worth with a couple of eggs breakfast which is still under 500 calories so not that out of the way so long as you keep a watch on what else you have during the day. Because I found them rather morish It wasn't unknown for me to eat 2 or even all 3 which is how come I'm now on a diet. Portion control being everything, so half of a pan is 1 portion the other half goes in the fridge, and either gets reheated or eaten cold as another meal. The other 2 once cooled get cut in half and go in the freezer and microwaved as required.