Introduction: Flat Packed Newspaper Rack

Hi there! When you own a newspaper rack, you don't always place it at one particular place. You place it near the couch, next to the toilet, etc.

Many newspaper racks are not so handy to transport. In this instructable I will show you how you can make a flat packed/foldable newspaper rack.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

For this project you will need:

- a pencil for marking

- a metal saw

- a tube bender

- a drill and drillbits

- a stitching machine

- a piece of textile (750 x 330 mm)

- a 3D printer (if you don't have one, you can just go to a 3D copy center)

- NX files of the 3D printend parts (I will post them later on in the instructable)

- a grinder

- a file

- about 5 m of aluminium tube diameter 13 mm

- 1 m of aluminium tube diameter 10 mm

Step 2: Bending the Big Frame

First we will bend the bigger frame of the paper basket. Because the measurements are really important, I used a template to be very precise. Draw a rectangle with measurements according to sketch nr 1 in the technical drawing. Mark the middle of every line and the start of the bending (you can easily remove the markings afterwards with detergent).

First make a test bend of 90 degrees of an other piece of tube and see for yourself where the bending starts, then mark the start of the bending on your template in every corner.With the tube bender I used, the start of the bending was 65mm from the edge. This is not the same for every tube bender though, so adapt the measurements if needed! Use this method for all the bendings.

Copy the markings on the tube and start the bending. Saw off any excess from the ends of the bent tube. Then drill the 10 mm holes for the axis of the middle piece. I suggest starting with a smaller bit than 10 mm and don't drill through the frame! Again, you can find the calculations for the holes on the drawing.

Step 3: Making the Middle Piece

The middle piece consists of the 2 bars (sketch nr. 5) and the axis (sketch nr. 3 and 4). First cut of the bars at the right length and debur the edges using a file. Secondly, drill the holes at the right places.

The axis are made out of aluminium tube diameter 10. Cut them the right length and round the edges with a grinder. This ensures the axis to be fixed in the bars/bigger frame.

Assemble the frame to be sure if the measurements are still correct.

Step 4: Bending the Smaller Frame

This step is actually the same as step 2. The only difference is that the measurements are according to sketch nr. 2. This time the 10 mm holes should be drilled through the frame. Again, cut any excess at the end and debur the edges.

Assemble all the parts to see whether everything fits smoothly.

Step 5: 3D Printing the Caps and the Connection Pieces

Now it is time to 3D print the caps and the connection pieces. You'll need 4 of each part. You can find the CAD files above.

When printed, glue the caps in the bars of the middle piece.

Step 6: Making the Connection Tubes

For this step, you'll have to cut and bend the tubes according to sketch nr. 6. Be careful, as the 2 pieces have to be exactly the same length!

When the pieces are made, press the connection pieces in them and fit them into the frames. Now the frame is completed!

Step 7: Making the Textile Bag

Right now it is time for stitching. Cut a piece of textile of choice at 330 x 770 mm. At the long ends, stitch a hem of 15mm. Next, fold the short ends so that you have 60 mm overlay and stitch it together at the edges. The textile should still be 650 mm long.

After you've done that, make cutouts for the handles at both sides, measuring 100 x 40 mm. This time you'll have to stitch the edges by hand. Make sure you don't stitch to the end, as the aluminium frame still has to fit through the end!

In the middle of the textile piece, make an overlay of 30 mm and stitch 2 times. This will strengthen the bag.

Now assemble everything together and your newspaper rack is done!

Step 8: Final Result

Finally, your flat packed newspaper rack is completed!

To transport the newspaper rack, just pull the connection tubes out of the frame, put them in the bag and fold everything in together. To open the newspaper rack, just press the connection tubes in again.

Enjoy making it!