Introduction: Flatpacked Wheelbarrow

Interested in a flatpacked wheelbarrow?
Follow these steps all the way to a cool end product and enjoy!

This wheelbarrow has a smart function that when you pick it up,
the wheel drops down and the wheelbarrow will be compact.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

- 2 metal tubes of 22mm - 4000mm long
- A wheelbarrow wheel and bolts that fit into it with a lenght of 50mm
- Two bike light holders with the filling and two screws that fit into it
- Some wooden planks lengt 250mm, 700mm and 662.8mm
- Two nice handles
- A drill with different steel drillbits (at least M10)
- A metal saw
- Measuring tape
- A bending machine and Welding machine
- four metal tubes 10mm - 100mm
- A large canvas sheet
- Wooden plank 700mm - 660mm
- A metal plate of 15mm - 210mm (tickness 2mm)

Step 2: Bending the Tubes

The first step is bending the tubes in the correct form.

- We begin with the lower right bend -> a length of 660mm and a bend of 13.0
- The next bend is the one on the right of it -> a length of 750mm and a bend of 13.5
- The tird bend is the smallest one on the left -> length 580mm and a bend of 25.0
- The last bend is a bend of 90 degres so that it falls on top of the second bend and the beginning of the tube

Step 3: Welding & Cutting the Right Length

After the tubes are bend into the right shape they just need two welds to strengthen the frame.
When it is welded you can cut the handles.

You will need this piece two times!

Step 4: Cutting the Slide Holes

You begin with making a trapeze out of the wooden planks.
The trapese has a top of 250mm, a bottom of 700mm and a hight of 662.8mm.

This trapese will represent the loading bed of the wheelbarrow.

Put the trapese in the middle of the two halves and put the wheel in between.
Now you can see where to drill the holes for the open wheelbarrow. (all the way trough)

The next step is the close the two halves en drill a new hole 30mm under the previous hole. (all the way trough)

Then you can connect the two holes and take away the material in between.

Step 5: Strengthening Plates

You begin with the long metal plate, cut of two pieces of 105mm.

Then you drill trough the two pieces two holes with 95mm separated.

The next step is to attach the bike light holders with the filling on each side
of the frame above the wheel and put the two plates in between.
Fasten these with the screws.

Step 6: Painting

This is an easy step.

Paint the two halves and te two metal plates in any clor you like.
I chose for black.

Step 7: Making the Loading Bed

You begin by cutting the large canvas in the right shape. (measures are on the picture)

when it is cut you can sew the sides so you get a trapese like sack.

!Make sure you leave loops on the top so the metal tubes can run trough them!

On the bottom of the sack is a wooden board, the size of the bottom, inbedded in the materiaal,
this for strenghten it so it doesn't hang to much.

Step 8: Attatching the Bed to the Frame

First you will need to drill holes of 11mm trough the frame just behind the second weld

Next you will need the metal tubes. two of them stay as they are
and can be put trough the side loops of the sack.

One needs to be cut down so it can be put through the smallest loop and
be supported on the frame.

The last one needs to be bend so it can go trough the holes you drilled in the previous step.

Step 9: Assemble and Enjoy

The last step is to put the wheelbarrow togheter, and USE IT!