Introduction: Fleece Draped Cardigan

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It's a bad thing to let good fabric go unnoticed, folded in your room with nothing to do but look fabulous. And that is just what this fleece was doing. (Mainly because I didn't know what to do with it until now)

* 2 yards of fleece
* T-shirt large
* stright pins
* sewing machine
* measuring tape

Step 1: Cut It Up ;)

First I folded my fleece in half and folded my large shirt in half with the sleeves tucked in. I placed the fold of my shirt on the fold of the fleece. Then I cut around the shirt leaving about 1 inch of seam allowance. This will be the back of the cardigan.

Step 2: Drape ^-^

With the shirt still folded I placed the not folded side about 1/2" inch away from the folded side. For the drape I cut the front at a slight angle going upwards from the shoulder seam all the way to the salvage edge which I later cut off. I cut a small notch where the shoulder seam ends about a 1/2"inch in for seam allowance. Then I cut the fold. I sewed the shoulder and side seams on both sides connecting the back to the drape.

Step 3: Sleeves -_-

I measured from where the sleeve started to my wrist which was about 11 1/2"inches and marked it on my fabric. I used the arm hole from the back pattern piece to make the curve of the sleeves. Then I sewed up both the side seams on the sleeves. I turned the sleeves right side out and pinned it to the right side of the arm hole and sewed it together. I made the mistake of cutting the sleeves a little to short for my liking. Since I liked the way the raw edges looked I left every edge like that.
Now your done!!!

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