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I had some fleece scraps left over from the Seahawk mascot I made and decided to turn them into pom poms. My after school program kids had been making yarn pom poms for their dolls and I decided to supersize the idea using strips of fleece. This is a relatively quick and easy craft that results in festive pom poms that will keep your hands warm during the fall and winter football season.

Step 1:

You will need approximately one yard of fleece to make 2 pom poms.

When you purchase fabric off the bolt, it comes folded. Unfolded, it measures about 60 inches. Keep it folded though, as you will be cutting it in 2-ply strips.

If you want your pom poms to be all one color, simply cut a yard of the same fleece in one-inch increments.

If you want them to be 2 colors, cut 18 inches of one color and 18 inches of another color.

If you want 3 colors, cut 12 inches of each color.

Next, trim the ends to eliminate the selvages and fold.

Step 2:

Next, lay your colors on top of one another in an alternating pattern. This will keep you from having random clumps of color in one spot of your pom pom. My stacked strips were composed of 5 alternating layers each - 2 blue, 2 green, and one white.

Then, cut your strips in half so that you have 2 sections that are both about 15 inches long.

Finally, take a piece of strong cord and gather your fleece scraps in the middle and tie them together as tightly as possible. Make a triple knot and trim the ends.

That's it! They're ready to shake! Now you've got a warm and cuddly alternative to the plastic kind of pom poms.

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