Introduction: Flexible Shaft Dremel Tool With 12V 15A Switching PSU

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I try to make Flexible Shaft Dremel Tool With 12V 15A Switching PSU. I use 775 motor, 30A DC motor speed controller,12V 15A Switching PSU. At here I will tell you detail about of 30A DC mottor speed control and 2V 15A Switching PSU.

You can download all file here PCB,Schematic,Gerber file for you can order PCB online. I alway upload gerber file to JLCPCB.COM for get PCB with only 2$for 10PCB

Step 1: Make 12V DC Motor Speed Controller

I had video and instructable about 24V DC Motor Speed Controller. You can check here. But the great thing it can run with 12V for 12V DC motor with little bit modify. Look the picture and schematic i had modify for run at 12V. At my project i use mosfet irfp240 without heatsink when run 775 motor at max speed it warm. You can use IRFz44 or IRF3205 but need small heatsink

The Schematic, PCB,Gerber file you can download here and make it by yourself but for easy way. You can send Gerber file to JLCPCB.COM for order PCB. It take only 2$ for 10PCB with high quality. Look the picture about PCB from JLCPCB.COM i had order from them

List of part:

irf 3205 ( z44,75n75...irfp240 ) x2
diode fr307 x2

diode 1n4007

resistor 100/2w

capacitor 470uF/25V

capacitor 47uF/16V

capacitor 104

capacitor 102 x2


transistor c1815 x2

transistor a1015 x2

POT VR 10k

resistor 56k

resistor 10k x3

resistor 5k1 x 3

resistor 4k7

resistor 1k

resistor 2k2

small heatsink for lm7812 if run at 24V

small heatsink for 2 mosfet ( can take from old PC powersupply)

for more detail copy and paste to google image search

Step 2: Make 12V 15A SMPS From OLD PC Power Supply

I have video and instructable about it you can check here. But the output is 24V so we need modify little bit for make 12V output. Normally. A transformer without CT PIN of PC PSU had 2 output voltage 12V, 5V ( 3.3V take from 5V pin). For get 24V we use 12V output pin and for get 12V we choice 5V pin. You can download the Schematic, PCB gerber file for make by yourself. For easy way you can upload my gerber file to JLCPCB.COM for get good PCB with high quality only 2$for 10 PCB