Flip Dots Simpson



Introduction: Flip Dots Simpson

This is a flip dots Simpson inspired by my Simpson toy. I was made by felt, flip dots, conductive materials on a canvas.

Step 1: Flip Dots Eyes

The first step is to put the flip dots into the eyes because it is the most important part of this piece. I made the coils by wrapping the threads 50 times each around a pen. Then I did the ring embroidery around the coils to make the surface smoother. For the flip dots, I painted over it using the white gesso as it was black originally. Then I found that the gesso made the surface a little uneven so that I applied a thin layer of clear nail polish on it.

Step 2: Organize the Conductive Thread

Next, the coils should be connected to power sources. I used double coils in each circle, aiming to make it work without flipping the positive/negative side on battery manually. I divided them into four groups, which are positive for the upper layer coil, negative for the upper layer, positive for the lower layer, and negative for the lower layer. Then I soldered them onto different pieces of copper tape.

Step 3:

Then, I cut the shape of Simpson. I hand sewed all Simpson's head using yellow felt and yellow yarn and its clothes using blue felt.

Step 4: Made the Gloves As Switches

I made these gloves using cardboard with a hole inside as insulate material and copper tape.

Step 5: Connect Glove With Simpson

I connected both gloves with negative side of batteries behind.

Step 6: Finally

The first time I tested it, the gloves switches didn't work at all. I took everything off and check all the connections and the switch can work. However, the movement of using switch is very subtle. I guessed it was probably because the connection inside the switches was not very stable when its pressed. But the process is very fun and the most interesting thing I learnt is that embracing the things that we haven't expected when we are actually making things.

Step 7:

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