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Introduction: Flipped Out Flask Holder & Belt Strap

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I recently posted an instructable for an economical Baldric ( Flipped Out Baldric) I made for my son. He also asked for some accessories to go with his Baldric. This flask holder was one of the embellishments to add to his pirate persona (for this years Ren Fest)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For this project you will need the same tools and materials as with my Flipped Out Baldric instuctible. Except instead of work belts you will need to get an old leather belt or a strip of leather from Micheals or Hobby Lobby and a metal ring and a sliding hook clasp. And a flask of course

Step 2: Strap It on and Ring It In

Take your flask and measure and cut out two lengths of the old belt or leather strap the circumference of the flask.

Then cut a strap the length from the bottom of the neck of the flask down and up the back of the flask going past the top about an inch.

Fold down an inch of this longer strap and mark the edges of the fold. Take your leather punch and put notches at these marks (semi circles). Place your metal ring within this fold and secure the flap down with rivets.

Step 3: How Rivetting

Now take one of your remaining straps and secure it with rivets to the strap with the ring so the seam is hidden.

Take the second strap and secure it further down the strap (with the ring) in the same fashion making sure the bottom edge of this strap would be flush with the bottom of the flask.

You then bring the rest of this up the front and secure with rivets.

There you have a flask holder.

Step 4: Get the Belt

Wait we aren't done. How do we secure it to the belt or Baldric? We make a strap!

Measure out a length of leather that will wrap around your belt adding an additional 3 inches.

Secure one end of the strap with the loop part of your sliding hook clasp with rivets to the body of the strap leaving a 3 inch tail.

Fold the tailing edge and mark the edges and put notches at these marks with the leather punch.

Place the hook part if the clasp at this tailing edge with rivets ( but don't secure it to the strap as you did the end with the loop). And there you have a belt strap for your flask holder.

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