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Introduction: Floating Book Shelf

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This is a pretty cool way to make a shelf on a wall. You can put more books on the floating book shelf or anything that fits that is not to heavy. There are a few tricks to help make this project easier to make. The book you choose to make it with be cut and glued so use a book you don't plan on reading again. Although you do want a book that is interesting to you and a good size. Hard cover books work the best. Then you need to get your bracket these are super common at hardware stores. Also you will need screws that are wide on the head that fit in the bracket to hold it down. Also smaller headed screws for screwing the pages together. The screws length is also important so that there long enough but don't stick out of the bottom of the book. Something else to consider doing is checking where you want to hang it for a stud before making. Screw the bracket to wall into a stud and you got your self a floating book shelf.

Can use regular glue

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


bracket 1 1/4 inch by 6 inches (theres ungalvinised ones that way cheaper)

screws small heads for screwing pages together length of book

screws fat heads #12 to hold bracket to book

screws to go into wall 3 inch fat headed

razor blade cutters


drill/ screw driver



something heavy to set on glued book

Step 2: Cut Book

There are few things to keep in mind when cutting your book.

Cutting pages can make a mess so have a bag for scraps.

Also razors are sharp don't cut yourself.

MEASURING- make sure your bracket is centered in middle of book Mark a line in the middle then put your bracket on that and trace the bracket.

I then added about a 1/4 inch around this because you wann make sure a little space because when you screw the pages they push in towards bracket and it's harder to cut the pages more if need make room.

I marked the width of the bracket on the edge of the book so i new ruffly how deep to cut.

MAKE sure you cut deep enough I needed to cut deeper that I thought. Keeping in mind the screw head can make your book not shut right if not cut deep enough.

ALSO you will need to cut the cover. put your bracket in the center where you plan on screwing it down. On the TOP cover make a mark on each side of the bracket. Cut this out down to the page line. This will allow the bracket to sit flush with the book and the wall.

Step 3: Screw and Glue

Once you have your pages of your book cut you can now start screwing. You will want to use a screw that is flat on top to sit flush with the bracket. To help make screwing the pages together I first used a drill bit to make a small hole for the screw to go in. There were three holes for screws I used two of them. I found using a hand screw driver worked better then a power drill. Make sure you apply presher down on the book when screwing. The screw should no stick out the other side. Keep in mind your working from the bottom of the book. I also added screws to the edges of book. Theses screws were smaller headed and skinner, Again pre drilling help keep the pages lay more flat after the screw is added. This is when the pages push inward towards the bracket. If you add the screws and the pages don't sit flush you can unscrew the screws take them out. you will see the pages bunched up around the hole. I took a metal file and filed down the pages around the hole so that it was flat in between pages. After you have your screws added set it how it will attached to the wall make sure you book closes and looks normal. You could glue the pages instead of screwing. You will need to the glue the back cover know matter what. glue the pages and the bracket. Place upside down and a heavy amount of weight to hold it down over night. Once the glue dries use one or two large screws to attach it to the wall. make sure to find a stud. This screw should sit flat in the bracket.

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    6 years ago

    You should give credit to the instructable that originated this very shelf 7 years ago. https://m.instructables.com/id/Invisible-Book-Shelf/