Floating Wine Bottle Holder

Introduction: Floating Wine Bottle Holder

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For a simple wood working project this wood be a good one. I had some spare wood laying around so i decided to make a few of them at the same time. They are great for gifts also. I used a wood burner and added some designs to mine. Basically a 45 degree cut on of he sides counter acts the weight of the wine bottle. Get your saw to cut the wood and a drill and bit to cut out the hole for the wine bottle. Some sanding and staining and your done wood burning if you feel like it.

I highly reccommend one of these

Step 1: Tools and Supplies



hand saw to cut 45 degree cut


drill bit

paint brush

sand paper

wood burner

speed square to measure the 45 cut

making pencil



wood stain

Step 2: Cut Wood

I started cutting by cutting my wood into three inch strips since my piece of wood was long and i got two of these strips out of it. I measured out three inches with a speed square and made a straight mark and used a ciculalr saw to to cut it straight. The length of the the wine bottle holder is about 9 and a half inches. From my three inch strip i measure 9.5 inches and that's were I made a 45 degree cut. To do this you can uses the angle cutter on the cicular saw. I used a hand saw. taking my speed spuare and a ruler at the 45 i took a ruler and drew a line on the wood at the 45 angle. Do this again so that you can draw a line between so you know where to cut to keep your cut at the correct angle. Some i didn't cut perfect but still held up the bottle. When making this cut you can use the other side to make another one. measure down 9 and a half inches make a straight cut. Then cut out your center circle

Step 3: Finishing

After you have your floating wine bottle holders cut start with sanding down the edges. Make sure to sand the hole you cut out too. Clean off the sand dust and your ready to start wood burning optional if not go ahead and start staining. I made a some christmas designs on a few as gifts. I marked my design with a pencil and then went over it with the burner. When staining have card board or newspaper to collect the access stain that falls off. Also I set the holders on scrap wood to keep it elevated so it doesn't collect stain on the bottom edge from sitting flat on cardboard. I add two coats of stain. and your have to paint the bottom of them too.

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8 years ago on Introduction

Thanks so much for sharing this project! What a great gift for the holidays to make for people!