Introduction: Floor Lamp Shade

Hey guys, today we have interesting project to make. So, it's basically a floor lamp shade made using plywood. In this instructable will go step by step to show you how to make it.

So, let's get started.

Note: this project was made in FABLAB Dhahran by Jafar Alobaid and Hussain Alhudhud.

Step 1: Requirements

For this project we need:

  • plywood ( 5mm and 8mm thicknees)
  • wood glue.
  • wood varnish.
  • Warm white light bulb.
  • light cord.
  • a CNC machine.
  • a hammer and couple of nails.

Step 2: 2D Design

For the design we made it really simple. So, it's basically 8 legs (height=1m) and two circular bases ( diameter = 28cm) the upper one will hold the light.


  • we made marks around the two circles so we can attach the legs evenly.
  • we cut the legs on the 5mm plywood so it can be easy to bend.
  • the original design is attached with this step.

Step 3: Assembly

Once you finish cutting all the parts align each leg and nail it to the base. You will need another hand with this step.

Do the same process until you attach all the legs.

  • note: make sure to install the light bulb before you finish attaching the legs.
  • you might want to use wood glue to hold the legs better.

Step 4: Finishing

Now it's up to you to make your own touches.

you can use wood varnish to make the color of the wood more vibrant. Also, using nautical rope will make it look awesome.

That's it. I hope you like it :)

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