Introduction: Floppy Cap

This is a floppy cap you can make by tracing a baseball cap. :) Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

-An old sweater -A baseball cap -Permanent marker -Scissors -Sewing needle and thread -Cardboard

Step 2: Tracing

Trace each part of the cap, but make sure you make them a little bigger for sewing.

Step 3: Cut!

Now cut the sweater! Follow the lines and cut the fabric.

Step 4: The Brim or Whatever You Call It

Trace the cut out fabric piece of the brim on the cardboard and somehow attach it to each other....I actually used double-sided tape! :D

Step 5: Sew It!

Now use any kind of sewing method to attach all the pieces together (properly)!!

Step 6: Finished Product!!!!

Yay! You're done! Make sure that you've tied all the ends of any loose threads and cut them off. You can add any decoration to it! :)