Introduction: Floppy Disk Bill Caddy

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Build a caddy to hold unpaid bills, checkbook and supplies from old floppy disks.

Every Sunday morning I have a ritual. I brew a cup of joe, gather up my checkbook and bills and go out onto the lanai to pay bills. I thought it would be convenient to build a caddy to hold all my bill paying supplies and unpaid bills. So I built this bill caddy from floppies I had laying around.

This is an easy Instructable that can be completed in a couple of hours.

Carpenter square
Hot glue gun
Speed square
Wax paper

Sheet of ABS
27 Floppy Disks
Discarded mint or candy container

Step 1: Build Panels

The first thing to do is create panels that will eventually become the bottom, middle, front and back panels of the caddy.

Prepare the work area by laying wax paper down on a flat workbench. Place the carpenter square on top of the wax paper.

The process is simple, start by placing a floppy disk in the corner of the carpenter square. Take another floppy and place a bead of hot glue on the edge and quickly butt it up to the floppy that's in the corner. Repeat until you complete a panel.

Make three panels of 2 X 3 and one panel of 1 X 3.

During the gluing process, make sure the floppies are all aligned in one direction.

Step 2: Put It All Together

Place the 2 X 3 panel on the workbench. This will become the bottom panel.

Take another 2 X 3 panel and glue it to the center of the bottom panel. Use a speed square to make sure it is 90 degrees to the bottom panel. After the glue has set, run a few more beads as reinforcement.

Repeat for the back panel which is 2 X 3 and for the front panel which is 1 X 3.

Create the side panels by gluing in floppies one at a time, making sure everything is square.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Layout and cut the handle from a sheet of ABS. You can use any plastic such as a discarded liquid detergent bottle. Reuse! Recycle! Repurpose! Make sure the handle is wide enough to span the middle seams. The handle also adds strength to the middle panel. Glue the handle in place.

As a final touch, add a pen and pencil container. Find a discarded candy or mint container.
It helps if it is more square-shaped than round. Cut it to length and hot glue it into a corner of the caddy.

Load up the caddy with pens, pencils, checkbook, stapler, stamps, envelopes, calculator, paper clips, return labels and of course...unpaid bills!