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Introduction: Floral Painted Pumpkins

Having trouble transitioning to fall? Set aside an afternoon to sip hard cider and paint cheerful floral pumpkins with your friends. I opted for faux pumpkin halves that can easily be hung on a door or wall in place of a wreath, but you can recreate this look just as easily on real pumpkins you pick from the patch.

What You'll Need:
Faux white pumpkin halves (or real, you pick!)

Acrylic paint

Oil Pastels

Paint brushes (medium and small for details)

Clear spray sealer

Step 1: Paint Rough Shapes

Start by roughing out petals and leaves with a medium sized paint brush.

Include a variety of flower shapes and try not to feel restricted by typical color choices and combinations!

Blend a second color into your flower and petal shapes to add depth to your artwork.

Step 2: Outline Leaves and Petals

Using oil pastels, outline leaf lines and petals. Be sure to vary the types of lines and textures you use on each flower.

Step 3: Add Details

Use a small paintbrush to add fine details to flowers and leaves.

Step 4: Spray With Clear Sealer and Hang

Voila! Gorgeous floral decor for the rest of the fall season! These pretty pumpkins can hang on your door until it's time to swap out for your holiday decor!

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    6 years ago

    I've never seen someone doing that great idea! :)