Flower Circuit



Introduction: Flower Circuit

Ever feel like a flower just isn't enough to show your mother how much you appreciate her? Maybe you should make her a flower that lights up just like she lights up your life.

Step 1: The Supplies

1. one piece of yellow paper

2. one piece of green paper

3. two pieces of pink paper (or any color you'd like)

4. scissors

5. pipe cleaners

6. 3 volt button battery

7. glue stick

8. tape/

9. copper tape

10. Yellow light 3 volt

Step 2: Cut It Out

1. Two strips of the green paper

2. one circle of the yellow paper

3. 14 pedals using the pink paper or whatever color you choose. (number of pedals may vary depending on the size of the circle)

4. two pedals of the excess green paper (you can cut out as many as you'd like though)

Step 3: Assembling the Flower

1. Make a hole in the middle. This is where the light is going to be.

2. Tape on one layer of pedals evenly spaced. Then glue them on

3. Tape on the second layer of pedals in the gaps. Glue them on after you know where to place them.

4. Glue the green pieces of paper together then glue it to the back of the flower.

5. Put the pipe cleaner on the back of the green stem for more support.

Step 4: Making the Flower Light Up

You're going to make a small spiral circuit. Take one piece of the copper tape and just make a curve from the bottom of the flower to the hole but don't cover the hole. Take another piece of copper tape an put it close to the end of a pedal so you can bend the pedal to the other piece of tape. Tape it around the hole so it's across from the first piece of tape. Put the yellow light in the hole where the light head is showing in the front of the flower and the legs are sticking out of the back of the flower. Bend the positive leg (the longer leg) to the copper tape on the left side of the hole placing it. Take the negative leg (the shorter leg) and bend it to the copper tape on the right side of the hole. You will need to tape the legs to the copper tape so it stays in the same position.

Finally put the negative side of the battery and put it to the tape furthest inside. Fold the pedal, with the copper tape on it, to the top side of the battery. Make sure the tape touches the battery.

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    3 years ago

    That's a cute kids' craft idea :)