Introduction: Flower Manager With Arduino, 5110 and 3 Sensors

Hi guys! Today we are going to make a flowerpot manager.

Now, we want to if a lot of sunshine, water or temperature on flower, this device report to me.

I know it won't be easy but we will be successful.

Let's start..


Step 1: What Will We Need?

We will use this parts;

1- Arduino Nano

2- 3.7v battery

3- 5v Battery Charger

4- Moisture Sensor

5- LM35 Temperature Sensor

6- LD7- Mini Breadboard;

Step 2: Tests and Prototype

Today also we learn how we read 3 sensors and write to 5110 screen?

We used 3 'analog Pin' in same time and we can show 3 of them in same time on the screen networking.

Step 3: Cardboards

You can change the shape of cardboards.

Step 4: Connections on Fritzing

Also you can connect a buzzer. We think connect a buzzer but it will be very noisy.

We connected to 5v pin battery.

You can charge this device with Android Phone Charger. And it can work when its working.

Step 5: Code Link;

You can get this works code from this link;

Step 6: Final;

We should immerse the needle to soil. And turn to sunshine the screen. We will upgrade this device as soon as possible. We will add new sensors and new futures.

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Thank you..:)

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