Flush Mount Foscam Camera

Introduction: Flush Mount Foscam Camera

I wanted to mount my Foscam camera directly to the wall without using the supplied mount. The mount was too big and ugly. I wanted it as clean as possible. You can purchase a universal mount kit from Foscam, but why spend the money when you can easily do it.

I used the two screws that came with the camera.

I used a:

  • drill
  • small philips screwdriver
  • 5/16" bit
  • 5/32" bit
  • razor blade

Step one:

Remove the rubber feet from the bottom of the camera. They are just stuck with stick tape.

Step two:

Remove the four screws holding the bottom plastic on the camera

Step three:

Drill two 5/16" holes to fit the head of the screw into.

Step four:

Drill two 5/32" holes directly below the bigger holes. These will be used where the screw will slide into.

Step five:

Use the razor blade to cut out the extra plastic between the big hole and little hole. See the finished hole on top of the enclosed image.

Step six:

Re-mount the plastic bottom to camera.

Step seven:

Re-install the rubber feet.

Done like dinner

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