Foldable Carabiner Water Bottle - Made @TechShop!

Introduction: Foldable Carabiner Water Bottle - Made @TechShop!

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You ARE Water.

I don't think we have to discuss any further Why we should have a bottle on our person.

Reusable/Recyclable is IN these days- and that's cool.

For EDC (Every Day Carry) we don't need a whole clunky metal bottle, let's go for something light and efficient.

Daiso has these Carabiner Water Bottles that are really neat, but I thought LETS INNOVATE EVEN MOAR!

So....let's roll it up and keep it clicked in!- For ease of carry and efficiency of space.Materials:

Plastic Water Bottle (Daiso)

Snaps (smaller the better)

Marker (for marking)



Heat Gun

Bowl of Water

Step 1: Set Your Stuff Up


Step 2: Roll It Up & Measure + Set Up Snaps

Mark where you feel is appropriate for the Snap-crackle-fit!

Step 3: Heat Gun That Bish and Presssss

I'm not completely sure if this step is necessary but I just wanted to make sure I had a good base to puncture through

Step 4: Stick It Through and Hammerslam

Oh yeah!

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat



what I would've done is aligned all the snaps so the "male" snap doesn't get distorted

(live and learn)


Step 6: Heat Treat the Snap Areas and QUENCH THE THIRST!!!

of the work... :)

(Test by blowing AiR into the bottle)

Step 7: Ta-Da!

Next time I would also like to move the Snaps on the side of the Carabiner.

Although there is a balanced aesthetics to it, it would make the spout perpendicular to the clip.


it's super sweet eh?


Thanks for reading!

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