Foldable Popsicle Stick Phone Stand




Introduction: Foldable Popsicle Stick Phone Stand

A quick and fun 15 minute craft that produces a portable phone stand perfect for on the go or stationary desk usage. Recommend having 2-3 people help when creating one. Add some flair and paint it for extra customization!


  • 20 Popsicle Sticks
  • 5 Extra Popsicle Sticks
  • 2 Pencil Erasers
  • 2 Push Pins
  • 4 Rubber Bands
  • 1 Ruler
  • 1 Tube of Super Glue (The stronger the better)

Step 1: Use Ruler to Measure Where the Push Pin Will Go

Measure half Inch down From the middle of the popsicle stick and mark It With a pen as shown in the picture above. repeat This step 7 more times until you have 8 marked popsicle sticks. Try to get them as symmetrical as you can with one another.

Step 2: Push the Pin Through

Place one of the popsicle sticks on a flat surface and press down on the marked spot with a push pin firmly until it can go through the popsicle stick. Twist the push pin through to make it quicker and easier. Also be careful when doing this as the popsicles will break if pushed too hard. Repeat this step with every MARKED popsicle stick individually Be careful to not break the popsicle stick Be patient and the push pin will eventually go through

Step 3: Push Through Four Popsicle Sticks on Each Push Pin Through the Holes Previously Made

Glue together two popsicle sticks on each push pin. One pair will be the outer legs (Being the two closest to the the push pin, as shown in the picture above) and the other pair will be the inner legs.

ALWAYS when gluing anything make sure to press down firmly for at least 25 seconds or more if needed to make sure it sticks. Be careful to not use too much glue as it will make it less likely to stick.

Caution: Glue may get on your fingers, try not to glue them together or on other surfaces.

Step 4: Start to Glue a Popsicle Stick Across the Bottom of Each Outer Leg. After That Glue Five More Popsicle Sticks Across.

This is where having one more person may help in gluing the surface together. One or two people hold the legs and the others holds the popsicle stick that is being glued.

Remember to hold and use the appropriate amount of glue as stated before.

Step 5: Glue Together a Stack of Six Popsicle Sticks.

Then Use That Same Stack and Glue It to the Bottom Row of the Stand. Creating an Edge to Place Your Devices On.

Remember to hold and use the appropriate amount of glue as stated before.

Step 6: Take the Inner Legs Off and Add Two Rubber Bands Across Each Pair of Popsicle Sticks. Make Sure the Rubber Bands Are Placed Next to the Whole Made Previously.

Place the inner legs back on each push pin. The rubber bands add grip to the legs preventing the stand from sliding!

Step 7: Add the Erasers at the End of Each Push Pins.

This removes the danger of poking yourself accidentally and applies pressure to the rubber bands.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Adjust your phone stand and place your device on it for no hand usage!

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Question 2 years ago

does its stands?
the rubber cant afford the weight of phone. when you put the phone on it may unfold. whats soloution?