Folding Quadrat Plots

Introduction: Folding Quadrat Plots

Sampling an environment requires consistent sampling process. Quadrat plots represent a method used when sampling an area. Typically, these have been made from 3/4 PVC pipes with 90 degree corners. These are awkward to move around take up too much room. The design we have developed account for these problems while providing consistent quadrat plots that fold up when packed

Step 1: Materials

4 straight pieces of aluminum tent poles

1.5 meters of 1/8 shock cord

2 pieces 6 inch long 1/8 inch steel rod

2 small elastic bands

Step 2: Cutting the Aluminium Tent Poles

Cut 4 lengths of straight Al tent poles to 50 cm each.

Step 3: Shock Cord Together

Thread the shock chord through all four pieces of tent poles Tie the two ends of the shock chord together (under tension) Use joined tent poles to create 0ne meter sides follow the same procedure

Step 4: Add Metal Corners

Bend the 1/8" rods to 90 degrees at the mid point. Then insert one side of the bent rod into opposite crorners of the quadrat plot. Secure to the shock cord with many wraps of the small elastic bands. You are now ready nto fold up the plot so that it can be carried to your survey site.

Step 5: Using the Quadrat Plot

The quadrat plot can be used when sampling an area, such as a forest ground cover or organisms in an inter tidal zone. Simply lay the plot down so that it forms a square and push the corner pins in to secure the square.

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