Introduction: Folding Tray/desk Pad From Cereal Box

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My desk tends to get very cluttered from building things, drawing and doing paperwork.

Part of that problem can be solved by using a folding tray/desk pad, that allows me to keep my things spread out for further use, while also putting them away, to make space for other activities.

I just fold up the walls of my folding tray/desk pad and put it on a stack of folding tray /desk pads.

This way my chaos is somewhat under control.

Step 1: Materials

You need:

1 cereal box

some velcro fastener tape

some scotch tape

10 minutes of time


Step 2: Cutting the Box

Take the box apart along it's glue lines.

Cut off the large part, that has is not connected to two small parts at the sides.

Cut through the middle of the other large part.

Step 3: Putting the Tray Together

the the part, that you cut off first in between the other two parts of the box, so that you get a large area, that is surrounded by foldings, allowing you to fold up paper walls all around the area.

Let the parts overlap a bit for stability and fix them together from both sides with tape.

Step 4: Cutting Out Extra Glue Flaps and Strengthening the Fold Lines

Strengthen the places where you will fold the carton with tape.

Fold up the walls of your folding tray.

Two of the walls will be higher and you can use the extra material, by cutting out extra flaps, that you can clap over to secure the walls with velcro fastener from both sides.

Cut the rest of the walls so that they form a nice boundary.

Step 5: Placing the Velcro Fastener

Place the velcro fastener on the former glue flaps and the part you left from the higher walls.

I recommend the hooked part on the flaps, this way you can put the soft one on the walls, where you will brush over with your arms more often, when your folding tray/desk pad is in use.

Place a small part of soft velcro fastener on each of the hooked parts you placed.

Fold up the walls, fold the flaps closed and fold the flaps, that you cut out over.

Press a little, so that the velcro fastener tape can glue to the carton.

Step 6: Usage

Build, draw, cook or do your taxes on the folding tray/desk pad.

Create chaos to your hearts content.

Do not clean it all up.

Simply pull up the walls of the folding tray/desk pad and put it away.

Instant clean desk.

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