Introduction: Fixperts Corona: Folding Work Area for Children

An Folding work area for children, for covid-19 times, when kids are studding from home by online studies and need their own private area for stuff and for focusing.

Watch the movie for getting to know the project better!


3 cardboard boxes, Markers, craft knife, ruler, Spray Paint

Step 1: Getting Cardboard Boxes

Take 3 cardboard boxes from the nearest supermarket or vegtables store.

Step 2: Cutting

cut box number 1 according to the picture.

Step 3: Painting

Paint and Draw the boxes as you like.

Step 4: Connecting the Boxes Together

Connect the two boxes to each other.

Step 5: Cutting the Partitions

Cut the partitions according to the picture.

Step 6: Print the Joints

download and 3d print the file this way (4 pieces):

Step 7: Connecting the Partitions

Connect the partitions with the 4 joints that you just printed.

Step 8: Pencil Holder

3d print the file this way:

Attach the pencil holder to the box handle hole.

Step 9: Basketball Game

download and print the file:

Glue the two parts of the ball and Insert the net into the board.

Step 10: Connecting the Basketball Board

Punch the basketball board into the cardboard box.

Step 11:

Enjoy the learning!

Step 12: Storage

At the end of the use, fold and stack the cardboard boxes and place in an undisturbed place

Step 13: Full Instruction