Introduction: Foldover Cross Body Purse

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I found that when ever I was int the store I cold never find the kind if small purse I liked for the right price. So what do I do? I make my own of course! I can't take all the credit for this though. I did find this pattern form Simplicity (8028), but I did make a few more changes so that it would better suit my needs. So I hope you guys enjoy this. Now let's get to it!


  • 2 -D ring
  • Ruler
  • 3 fabrics
  • 12”+ zipper
  • Thread
  • Leather needle
  • 1 Magnetic snap
  • Pins
  • Interfacing
  • Heat n’ bond/ Stitch Witchery


  • Lining Bag Front & Back (2 each) - 14.5'' by 11''
  • Lower Band - 7'' by 11''
  • Pocket - 8'' by 6.5''
  • Corner Cut Out - 2.25''
  • Strap 2.5" by 45" *length may vary depend on how long you need the strap to be.

Step 1: Prepping Your Pieces

  1. To start this off with cut out all pieces. This will include outer fabric, lining, inter-facings, leather/ pleather (or contrasting fabric), pocket(s) and strap.
  2. Now that all the pieces are cut out. Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of your fabrics. This will include the outer fabric, pocket, and strap.
  3. Next take the leather/pleather and fold over the top edge 1/4" and using Heat'N Bond/ Stitch Witchery and use an iron to hold that in place. *Don't place iron directly on pleather.
  4. Place a cotton fabric over it first. Hold the iron for at least 5-10 second with little to no presser. Do this for both pieces.
  5. Place the leather or contrasting fabric at the bottom have of the outer fabric and sew a straight line close to the edge of the contrasting fabric. The line can be doubled if you choose to.* I did, but had a little trouble with my pleather stretching as it was sewn.

Step 2: Adding Snap and Strap Tab

  1. To and the snap start of by finding the center of the fabric and marking where you want to snap to sit. Then transfer that marking to the top for the other half of the snap. *Make sure you leave enough place for your zipper.
  2. Using your scissors make to small cuts for the prongs of the snaps. Then put the prongs in place and add the backing that comes with your snaps.
  3. Then push the prongs inward to secure it in place.
  4. On the right side of the fabric and 2 small tabs at the point where your fabric will fold when the purse is closed.* I made the tabs by using Heat'N Bond between 2 pieces of pleather and bonding it with the iron.Then sew them in place with straight stitch.

Step 3: Strap and Pocket

  1. Fold over 1/4"on either side of the strap and iron it in place. Then when finished fold it in half and iron that in to place.
  2. take it to the sewing machine and sew a straight line on either side of the strap.
  3. going to either end fold it over about 1" and use a zig zag stitch at the edge to hold it in place and prevent it from fraying. Then set that aside.
  4. Grab the pieces for the pocket. Sew them together making sure there is a small opening to pull it right sides out.
  5. Before flipping it right sides out snip the corners to reduce the bulk. Then flip it and use Heat'N Bond/ Stitch Witchery to close the whole.
  6. In the middle of the fabric, line up the bottom of the pocket 3" from the bottom of the lining and pin it to hold it in place.
  7. Sew around the side and bottom to create the pocket. It can be left like this or a stitch can be added down the middle to help keep things a little more organized. this will make it hard to fit a phone the size of a Samsung Note with a case, but will perfectly fit any phone smaller.

Step 4: Adding Zipper

  1. Taking one of you lining and outer fabrics, place the zipper face down on the right side of the outer fabric. Then place the lining fabric face down on top of that then pin them in place. Sew the zipper in place using a zipper foot.
  2. Flip the fabric so that the wrong side of the fabric are now facing each other and press it to hold it in place.
  3. Sandwich the other pieces of fabric on the other side of the zipper like done in the previous side. Then sew it in place and press it like before.
  4. Top stitch close to the edge of the fabric close to the zipper for a nice finished look.

Step 5: Giving It Shape

  1. Now it is time to unfold the fabric so that the zipper is in the middle and both lining and outer fabrics are facing each other on either side.
  2. Make sure that the zipper is partially unzipped to make it easier when you flip the fabric.
  3. To help keep everything neat the zipper sew that the teeth are going toward the outer fabric.
  4. Sew a 1/2" seam allowance all the way around, making sure to leave a whole to turn everything right sides out.
  5. Grab each corner and pinch them together to make a triangle measure a line that is 2 1/4" long from edge to edge. Then sew along that line. Do this for all 4 corners.
  6. Flip fabric so that the right side of the fabric is on the outside.
  7. Sew or bond the hold in the lining close.

Step 6: Adding Strap to Finish

This can be done before this stage when you are adding the tabs, but you have to be very careful not to sew the strap into the bag.

  1. Take the D ring and open it up using some pliers.
  2. The slide it on both the Tab and strap make sure that everything is facing the right way.
  3. Close the D ring and do the same for the other side.

Now your bag is finished and you can add any embellishments you like to make it more your own. I hope you guys like this tutorial and stay tuned for more.