Introduction: Folium, a Minimalist Board Game

About: Santiago Eximeno (Madrid, Spain, 1973). Writer, game designer.

FOLIUM is a minimalist abstract game for 2 players, inspired by Bruno Faidutti’s Babylon/Soluna.

You only need a blank sheet, a pen and scissors to play.

Cut the sheet in nine fragments. Place them on the table, three rows of three fragments each. Each fragment is called a pile of fragments. On each turn a player:
-mark a fragment with a symbol (cross or circle, as he wish; not only same symbol during the game) or
-move a pile of fragments onto an adjacent pile of fragments with different symbol

The game ends when one of the players can’t make an action. He has lost and the other player wins the game.

NOTE: You can play this game on a tic-tac-toe board game with 9 reversi/othello pieces