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I have always been a big fan of cleaver puns. I thought that this was a cleaver Idea so I decided to engrave this fork.

Step 1: Draw on the Fork

Once you have chosen an old fork to wright on you will need to draw in pen what. I used an inky pen and just wrote it on. I was very careful not to smudge or rub off any of the pen.

Step 2: Engrave It

I used my dremel along with some dimond bits to engrave it. All you have to do is follow the writing I made mine very scratch like. This I think gave a good effect as it made the letters very rough. However if you want neater writing you could also buy metal letter stamps to wright the message with.

Step 3: Paint

Paint the fork black. I used black spray paint but you can use any color and almost any kind of paint. I was just using my fork for decoration. But if you were planning to eat with it I would probably recommend taping off the head of the fork.

Step 4: Scratch It Off

Once the paint is dry use a wire wool to scratch off the majority of the paint. Scratching the paint will leave the paint only in the writing.

Step 5: Finnished

Finished!! Now you can use it as a decoration. Hope you found this funny and enjoyed my 'ible.

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    Cats Dragon
    Cats Dragon

    6 years ago

    I enjoyed you 'ible, and yes it is funny. Planning on making one very soon.