Introduction: A Fork for Cutting and Eating Food Using Only One Hand

A fork attached to the clip

Its purpose is to grab food that requires cutting with a knife.

sting the food with the fork and attach the clip to the plate, the food is fixed to the plate and with the same hand the food can be cut, The user can eat the cuted bite

The process continues until the food is finished



2 forks

Strong stainless steel metal clip with anti-slip material

Solder materials

3 mm metal pin (Depending on the type of clip you choose)


Soldering material (silver)

Metal saw


Metal pipe

Wooden hammer

Step 1: Cut the Fork 5 Cm From the End Tip With the Metal Saw

Step 2: Open the Clip to 2 Parts​. Put the Spring Aside

Step 3: Smoothed the Piece at the Catted Tip

Step 4: Bend the Second Fork According to the Drawing, by Hand

Step 5: Bent the Fork Teeth Using the Metal Pipe and a Wooden Hammer

Step 6: Solder the Fork Piece to One Side of the Clip, As in the Picture.

The purpose of connecting this part, is to produce a convenient grip and opening of the clip

Step 7: Attach the Fork

Attach the fork to the other part of the clip so that the bending is at the end of the clip (griping side), as in the picture

Step 8: Clear and Smooth the Connections

Step 9: Reconnect the Clip and Spring, With a Metal Pin

Step 10: Polish and Clean the Product

Step 11: Ready