Introduction: 'ForkTastic Fan' Wall Hanging

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A simple yet decorative wall hanging made with plastic forks. Make it as part of your everyday decor or make for gifts like birthday, baby shower, Christmas, Easter etc. Possibilities are endless.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Supplies needed:

1. 15 plastic forks any color

2. paper plate

3. lace or ribbon

4. artificial greenery, flowers, bows, pine cone, small baby bottle or booties or whatever you can think of depending on theme, baby shower, Christmas, Easter etc.

Tools needed:

1. Pencil

2. glue gun

3. glue sticks

4. scissors

Step 2: The Fork Layout

1. Lay out 8 forks as shown

2. Lay the remaining 7 forks as shown (the handles will be on top of other handles while the tines lay in between first layer of forks)

3. Cut two half circular pieces from paper plate making the front piece narrower then back piece

4. Glue the smaller plate piece to front of forks

5. Slide the wider piece under the forks and gently flip over. Make sure it is lined up again then glue the wider plate piece on the back.

Step 3: Getting Ready to Weave

1. When you decide what ribbon or lace you will use, cut the piece or pieces aprox 23 inches long. I used 3 different colors and 2 different widths

2. If using more then 1 ribbon I found it easier to lay them out and lightly tack them with glue along the way so they stay together for easier weaving

Step 4: Lets Weave

1. start at one end of fan and go over and under the tines of fork making the middle two tines showing on front side, Be sure and leave an inch or inch and a half or so on ends of fan

2. when you are finished weaving take the leftover end pieces and glue them toward back side of the fan

Step 5: Front Bottom of Fan

1. Cut ribbon/lace you are using at bottom of fan aprox 13 inches and if more then one, tack it together as you did for top section

2. starting at an end glue about an inch of lace around the handles to back of fan

3. about an inch down on lace tack it and bring lace forward a bit making like a pleat. Do this two more times as you make it curve around gluing wherever necessary. When you reach the end fold it around handle toward back and glue in place

4. I then wove a very thin piece of red ribbon along tops of handles just to add a splash of color in that space

Step 6: Finishing Touches

1. i glued two green leaves(fake) on bottom front to help hide part of plate showing

2. next I added more greenery fanned out from one side to the other

3. Next, I added a big bow in center which helped hide the leaf stem ends. I also added a tiny pine cone above bow

Step 7: Last But Not Least

1. On the back of fan from each edge count in 8 forks and that is the fork that you will take a small piece of ribbon and making a loop, glue it to the fork. This is how you will hang it up.

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