Introduction: Forks Into Curtain Ties

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So I *finally* got new curtains for my room but I needed some tie backs. So I used an idea that I had thought of (and applied) earlier last year. ////DRAMATIC FLASHBACK///// Needing some curtain tie backs and not wanting to go spend money at a home improvement store, I decided to scavenge the house. Eventually I had the great idea of using camping forks. Fortunately it worked and is still there. This project is extremely easy to modify and get creative with. So, here we go!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need:
2 bendable metal forks (like the camping kind)
4 screws
*for best results use a fork that can be bent easily but will still maintain it's shape.
Pliers (optional)
Drill bits

Step 2: Bend Fork

Take your pliers and bend the tines together, on both forks, like in the photo. Before you go on, check to see if your screws actually fit into the fork. If they don't fit, either drill out where the screws go, or find some different screws. After that, bend both of the forks handles into a sort of U shape. Make sure both forks have a near identical bend. Now bend the tines like in the photo. At this point you will want to readjust the handles to your liking.

Step 3: Install

Depending on what wood/surface you are putting these on you may want to drill holes for the screws first. REMEMBER: Measure twice, drill once. Then, simply attach the fork to the wall with the screws.

Step 4: Finished!

Your curtains look great, right? If you made this instructable please comment with a picture of your creation. It really helps! Also, if you liked this please vote for me!

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