Introduction: Fourth of July Brownie Cupcakes With M&M Topping

In this easy instructable I'll be showing you how to make brownie cupcakes with m&m's as a topping.

So ever had cupcakes but don't like the bread-ie feel it had? This is different, this is enjoyable in every aspect,because it's brownies!

Step 1: Materials

First off you need to get all your materials ready which means:
-your brownie mix
- eggs
-vegetable oil
-measuring cups
-cupcake holders
-candy of choice
-(pan) cupcake holder
- non stick spray or butter
-mixing bowl (large)
-spoon or whisk to mix with

Step 2: Step 2

Take out your mixing bowl and pour 1/4 of vegetable oil and then pour half of 1/4.

then add in 1 egg,making sure no egg shells fell into the bowl,and 6 tablespoons of water.

mix all 50 times or more until mixture is smooth and has no lumps .

Step 3: Preparing Your Cupcake Pan

After you've made the brownie mixture ,get your cupcake pan and grease it with a stick of butter.

Theres also an alternative, if you have butter spray-on just use that and make you've got the whole pan or two covered.

Next,get your cupcake holders and distribute them into our cupcake pan.

Step 4: Pour It in the Cupcake Holders

The next step after you've placed your cupcake holders is pour the brownie mixture into the cupcake holders.

Alright so you take a spoon and transfer your brownie mix in each cupcake holder about half way evenly.

Make sure not to put more than half full in the cupcake older because the mix will over flow in the oven.

Now that's done put your pan in the oven and wait till 18-25 mins until the brownies are as you want them.To make sure there done, and ready to be taken out,take a toothpick and stick it in the brownie,if its almost clean then the brownies are done.

Step 5: Take Them Out

Finally after you take them out and they are as you want them,its your choice to put frosting and topping on it or just leave as is,but if that was the case you should've just made regular brownies.Wait for a few minutes so the brownies can cool off then begin frosting them.

If you don't have the tool used to make professional ones,don't worry you can use a butter knife to frost them.Alright so get your knife and begin with an amount you think is suitable for the brownie size.Spread the frosting over the brownie evenly until the whole brownie is covered.Do this to the rest of your brownies,once they are covered begin adding your m&m's.Make sure not to put to much or too little on each ,so five m&m's should be good .Now your done,you can now eat the cupcake brownies you made yourself.

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