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Introduction: Fox Makeup for Kids

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My 2 year old boy loves animals. Sometimes he pretends he's a doggy and want to eat everything he finds in the floor! He found a fox in a book and wanted to be a fox so I made his wish come true. Today I'll show you the step by step of this makeup that complements the fox ears I made before (to see that instructable click here)

Step 1: What You'll Need

Orange eye shadow

White eye shadow

Black eye shadow

Brown eye shadow

Black eyeliner (I used one in cream)

2 medium makeup brushes

2 angled brushes

Step 2: Orange Mask

Use one of the medium size makeup brushes and put orange eyeshadow around the eyes and in the forehead to draw the shape of a mask.

Cover the highest part of the cheeks and the nose. It doesn't have to look completely orange, it will give it more texture if it looks like brush strokes.

Step 3: White Shade

Use the other medium makeup brush to put some white eyeshadow under the orange mask. It doesn't need to cover all the rest of the face, just at the level of the mouth. Make sure to cover the upper lip to make it look lighter.

Step 4: Eyebrows

Use an angled brush and a black eyeshadow to make the eyebrows look long and disheveled.

Step 5: Nose and Cheeks

With the same shade and brush draw two lines at the sides of the nose and blend them. Draw like "W"s in the cheeks right at the intersection between the orange and the white shade.

Step 6: Nose and Mouth

Use the eyeliner and the other angled brush to draw an inverted triangle in the nose.

Draw a line down to the upper lip and to the sides of this like an anchor.

Step 7: More White and Black

Put more white eyeshadow in the sides of the vertical line to give it more volume.

With the eyeliner draw 3 dots above the upper lip on each side of the vertical line.

Step 8: Eyes

Use the eyeliner to draw a line in the corner of the eye and in the lacrimal. I didn't put more around the eye because I didn't want him to look very feminine but if you are doing this on a girl you can put eyeliner around the eye.

Step 9: Brown Eyeshadow

Use one of the medium brushes and a brown eyeshadow to shade around the orange mask and to blend the black lines in the cheeks.

Step 10: The Fox Is Ready!

Now your little fox is ready! He was SO happy when he saw himself in the mirror!

Hope you have as much fun as we did during the whole process.

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