Introduction: Fragmented Stone Gem Pendant

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For this project you almost only need a rotary tool. Once you got the drill of rock carving, you can create easy but cool presents.

Step 1: What You Need

  • Rotary carving tool
  • stone carving bits (called diamond bits)
  • stone: choose one you think is not that hard to carve
  • glass decoration stone
  • Brass spacer
  • Cord in leather look

Step 2: Main Stone (1)

Cut steps with bit #1 and flat them out with bit #2 and #4. At this point the shape should look like a hill. Next use a round bit to form a crater and bit #3 for a clean edge.

Step 3: The Gem (1)

Saw a cuboid with bit #1 and out of that an octagon. Now grind it until it is a cylinder. In order to do that, you can clamp the rotary carver onto the table and use it as a disc sander.

Step 4: Testfit

In the end the gem should seem to have no play, but should be able to fall out when you turn the stone. That will make it much easier to glue it later in place.

Step 5: Main Stone (2)

Mark out where the stone should "break". All straight cuts can be done with bit #1. Now the tricky part: with this bit you can't cut the turns. All my other bits were too big for this task except the pointed one #5. It is actually not that hard, you just need to take your time.

Lay the stone in a container filled with water just high enough that the rock is under the surface. Drill a hole with bit #4. I'm not sure if you really need the water, but it should prevent the bit from becoming too hot.

Varnish it with clear coat. When you don't want to have a gummed-up paint brush you can use a toothpick instead :)

Step 6: The Gem (2)

Sand the sharp edge away and trim the gem to size, it should protrude about a millimeter over the rock crater. "Polish" it with 800 grit sandpaper. Paint a small piece of paper with a sharpie and attach it with super glue to the gem. Cut the rest away. This will give it a cooler look.

Step 7: Finishing

Glue the gem with super glue in place.

Pass the cord through the hole. If you would leave it like that, the stone would hang sideways. Hold the cord about two centimeters above the stone. Now twist it by 90° and put some glue on. The stone should now face in the right direction. Put the brass spacer over the twisting spot.

Knot the ends together. In case you use the knot which I tried to explain in the picture, the necklace will be size adjustable. When you are finished, burn the excess cord so it won't fray.

It's done!

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