Introduction: Framed Mason Jar

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This framed mason jar project is a great project to make. It's cheap, looks cool, and serves a purpose by storing supplies in an easy to access place. Mason jars are great and pretty cheap. I used paracord to attach the jars. Paracord is also a cool product that I had laying around. I did have to go to the store to get the frame. My frame was black which I wanted so there was no need for paint. I got my frame at goodwill and took out the back and glass, leaving just the outer frame. There are a couple of ways to attach the jars. I keep scissors, pens, pencils, tape, markers, knife,etc in mine. I put three jars in mine that fit nice in the frame. If you have a bigger frame you can add more jars. Also decorating the jars is a nice option to make it look even cooler.

I like to keep a lot of mason jars around

Step 1: Tools and Supplies



mason jars


drill bit

stuff to put in jars



tape measure

screws to hang on wall

Step 2: Add Paracord to Jars

I found using paracord is a good way to attach the mason jars to the frame. I used white paracord - any color you want to use will work. There are many different ways to attach the paracord to the jars, this is how how did it. For each jar I used two pieces of paracord. The jar size I used was a medium size jar, I think 16 ounces. The first cord I added to the jars, wrapping the the paracord around the top of the jar, and then tying it in a knot. Do not tie this super tight because you will be adding the second paracord for each jar to the first paracord. Then after added you will re tie the first paracord tight.

The length of the second paracord sting will be determined by your frame. I made the length of mine so that the jars would be centered in the frame. This was about 15 inches. I made it a bit longer and then cut the extra paracord.

Step 3: Add Second Paracord

For hanging to the Frame I found the easiest way is to drill holes in the frame and put the paracord through the holes to hang the jar. I drilled two holes for each jar. I measured the frame to find where the jars will be evenly apart. I drilled the holes for each jar about one inch apart.

Then I started with the first jar. From the previous step you should have paracord around the rim. Put the the knot part from the first paracord. so that it will be on the backside of jar when hanging.

Now take your second string of paracord and tie a knot on the first string on one of the sides of the jars. Then run the paracord through the first hole on top of the frame then down through the second hole. Then adjust the jar so that when you tie the second side of the jar, the jar will be floating in the center of the frame. This is why you didn't tie the first string of paracord super tight. Once you have the two paracords tied on then retighten the first paracord string.

Step 4: Add to Frame and Wall

Trim up all ends of the paracord and light the ends of the paracord so that they look nice on the ends. Do this with all of the jars. I hooked the frame on two screws to hang on the wall.