Introduction: Framed Moment

I have been interested in paper art recently. When I searched paper art, I got inspirations from the pictures showing below.

Step 1: Inspiration

This art piece gives me inspirations not only for the paper art but also the way to put that into a photo frame. Since I really like timelapse photos&videos, I got the idea to put a timelapse feeling framed paper art. That's why I named this project "Framed Moments".

Step 2: Concept

My concept is that each person has his/her own journey in the life, there must have lights to guide you through. Those lights will shine for you if you trigger them.

Step 3: Process

I made this in white paper because I was thinking white has the most possibilities to change by projection mapping. I wanted to combine this with projection mapping techniques, which I imagined future albums could be projected. Video below shows what I did for the projection animation.

Step 4: Adding Projection Mapping

Step 5: Next...

For my next goal, I want to make more depth for this paper art. As you can see, from the example that I shew, it has much more layers.