Introduction: Franken-berry-o-lantern

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I decided to make a pumpkin into mr Frankenberry

I made this using mainly scraps from other projects around the house.


I used

Paint, pvc fittings 3/4 pipe, 2 elbows, 2 x1"caps, Wood scraps or can use foam, Wood screw covers ,air clay pink, apoxy clay glue, gun drill, hot knife, plaster bandages, drywall mud, foam football, 2 ping pong balls

Step 1: Making His Butt Head

To make his patent butt head shape

1. cut of stem, or leave t if you want it to look more like a pumpkin

2. cut foam football in half. fyi 1$ at dollar store

3. glue gun down football halves

4. use plaster bandages to rough shape. These run about 4$ at craft stores

5. cover in drywal mud to smooth it out. keep hand wet to make it no stick to you. Once dry you can lightly sand

Step 2: Making Features

I cut 2 pieces of wood into apx 4 inch circles with 1.5" circles drilled in center. This can easily be made with foam

I glued the lil wood caps to make rivets.

Then I spray painted them, if using foam hand paint, most spray paint and foam dont mix

I glue gunned pvc into the stands on the side of his head

Painted pvc stands and caps with spray paint.

I sculpted the steam whistle cone and bals for neck rivets from pink air clay. Made valve from apoxy clay

Made arrow on valve from wood, or you can from cardboard

Step 3: Assemble

Painted pumpkin with brush and paints

I used a pencil to set where the eyes would go.

Using a drill i drilled holes for eyes and stand on side of head. Holes for eyes isnt neccesarry, but tis allows eyes to glow if lit up

Use glue gun to glue in ping pong balls, painted on pupils

Glue gunned on the eyes

Gules on stands and neck rivets attatching the balls on

Used air clay to sculpt nose, eye brows and eye lids, glued them on

Used hot knife to cut out mouth. Painted tooth and added bottom lip with pink air clay

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