Introduction: Freaky Floating Eyeball Halloween Lantern

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Our fourth DIY Halloween Project is this Freaky Floating Eyeball Lantern!

It's just 11 days until 'All Hallows Eve' and the night when all the Ghouls and Goblins, Witches and Werewolves, Mummies and Vampires come out to play!

Are you ready for a serious Trick or Treating marathon or set for a Spooktacular Halloween party at home?!

Whatever you're planning, this Freaky Floating Eyeball Lantern will be sure to creep out any visitors that come knocking on your door this Halloween...

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

What you'll need:

Step 2: Prepare the Lantern Light Base

NOTE: It's important to ensure that you use SUBMERSIBLE / WATERPROOF tea lights for this project!

  • Pop your jar or vessel on a level, waterproof surface
  • Turn on the lights and place them in the bottom of the jar or bowl

Step 3: Add Water

  • Carefully pour water into the jar - we recommend you use a watering can or jug for this to avoid spillages
  • Make sure you leave enough room in the jar for the eyeballs! You can always top up the water level later

Step 4: Add the Eyeballs

  • Carefully drop the eyeballs into the jar

Step 5: Turn Off the Lights and FREAK OUT!

This is a really quick and simple underwater lantern idea which can be put together at a moment's notice! For anyone that has a little more time or wants to try something different, why not try some of these adaptations...

  • Drop a little food colouring into the water and create a 'bloody' eyeball mess
  • Use a punch bowl as your vessel, create 'eyeball ice cubes' and have this as a gorey drinks centrepiece for your guests
  • Why not combine our Radioactive Jelly instructable with this one and create a giant radioactive petri dish, complete with edible floating eyeballs?!