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Introduction: Free DIY Headphone Wall Mount

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Welcome ,

Now you must be thinking, what in the hell does he mean by free and why is this fishy. I PROMISE YOU , by the end of this short guide, you will be running to get this thing up ASAP.

Now this is my first Instructable so cut me some slack since i might not know how the format works , but il make it as simple and easy as possible.

Materials Needed :

1 x Any Cardboard Box Lying Around which is preferably Double Layers ( like your amazon delivery boxes ) but pretty much ANY cardboard box would work.
1 x Double Sided 3M Tape ( i cant stress how important it is that this tape is 3M or something equally strong )
1 x Scissors
1 x Super Glue / Quick Fix ( also useful to have resin glue if possible to help but not neccesary )

Acrylic Paint of Choice


Step 1: Cut Out the Box to the Portion Shown

Take the Cardboard box and Cut our a Portion like in the picture,

You dont need to be THAT precise in your measurements but if you really want to then keep the middle board as a 2/4th ratio to the side boards as a 1/4 ratio.

Step 2: Make the Sheet Flat

As in the Title , nothing fancy happening here.

Step 3: Create Grooves in One Portion of Strip

Well. for this you can use the tip of the closed scissors or your nails itself.

make sure to make only a few grooves on the left and right side , and keep the center area flat

Just create Grooves as shown ( This is to help in bending the cardboard to the shape of the headband later ).

Note : Make Equal amount of grooves on the left and right side

Step 4: Cut Triangles Towards the Main Board As Shown

Cut the Triangles in a 45 degree angle the bending line.

Note : Do not exceed the groove lines

This is so that when you curve the piece and bend it, it will fit perfectly with the main board.

Step 5: Bend Side Board to the Main Board

Once Done Correctly ,

Bend the Side Board as shown in the picture so that it fits as shown to the main board.

Use Super Glue to secure the side board in place to the main board.

*Can use a glue gun to help the super glue too

Step 6: Bend the Other Side Board to a Triangle With the 1st Side Board

Now Bend the Other Side board so that the curve will be flat on the side board.

Now SuperGlue it Together and Make sure to use a strong Adhesive here too.

*Glue gun can be used to help the super glue

Step 7: Use Double Sided 3M Tape ( or Any Other Equally Strong Tape )

Use Double Sided 3M Tape ( or any other equally Strong Tape ) on the Back , This is the most crucial, as using any other tape would be disastrous as the mount would just fall off,

I have used just two strips but you can use more for more peace of mind.

Step 8: Step 8: Mount on the Wall!

Now is where you can Paint it whatever color you want, and Mount it to whatever wall you want,


1. Paint with Acrylic , since i've observed that it provides a bit more friction for the hanging headband.
2. Keep a small weight on top for a day before putting your headphones, to check if it will hold without problems. if not, use stronger adhesive and tape.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 1

    How long are the cardboard you are using? Mine will not get this good :(


    5 years ago

    Made one this morning, could not find the glue, used tape :-). Great idea!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi @roberti55! that's great!, although , i hope the tape was strong enough to hold your headphones up? . send out a picture of it . would love to see it in action :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    Oh Yeah that too ! And Saw your profile, you've done some amazing stuff man, Cheers!