Freya - Vivarium Controller

Introduction: Freya - Vivarium Controller

Freya Is an open source, Raspberry Pi based vivarium control system. In this instructable we're going to walk through the steps of making the controller.


+ Raspberry Pi 3 (not yet tested with the 4) and an SD card
+ Freya controller PCB (get it on
+ 3D Printer and 90g filament (I recommend checking out your local FabLab or Makerspace or ...)
+ Lasercutter and 2mm plexi
+ M2.5 threading tab
+ 8x 5mm M2.5 machine screws

+ 12V DC power supply (barrel jack connector)

Step 1: Enclosure - 3D Printing

On Thingiverse, download this thing. Print the casing on your 3D printer. On my printer it took about 18 hours, so, I'll see you tomorrow! ;)

Step 2: Front & Back Plates - Lasercutter

In the Thingiverse download, there's also the files for lasercutting the front & back plates. Go ahead and get 'em out! The result should look like like the picture.

Step 3: Motherboard Assembly

The Raspberry Pi is mounted "upside down" on the controller PCB with the stand-offs, nuts and bolds you have received with the PCB.

Step 4: Install SD Card

Before closing everything up, I recommend to prepare and install the SD card. Follow the install instructions from the GitLab repository.

Step 5: Final Assembly

Now, let's put all the pieces together!
1) Slide the controller PCB into the 3D printed enclosure.
2) Install the lasercutted front & back plates with the 5mm M2.5 screws.
3) Plug in the connectors.
4) All done!

Step 6: Application

The Freya Vivarium Control System can be used for managing the environment variables in conservatories, propagators, terrariums, vivariums, vertical farms, ... .

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