Introduction: Friendship Bracelet

You will need to make the bracelet:
4 different colours of string
something to stick the bracelet to
something to stick the bracelet with

Step 1: Cutting the String.

Lay out your string. Now your going to cut it. When you cut your string you should cut it at approximately 60cm.

Step 2: Preparing Your String to Make the Bracelet.

When you have cut your string you need to lay it out on what your resting on. Then you need to fold it in half. Next you can knot it at the top and stick it to what you resting on.

Step 3: Putting the String Into Colours.

As you have put your4 different colored peices of string in half you should have two of each colour. You now need to put the strings in the different colours like shown.

Step 4: Making the Bracelet.

Taking the purple embroidery string put it over the blue, under the green and over the pink. Pull tight.

Step 5: Showing the Steps Again.

Again, you need to take the blue string, put it over the green, under the pink and over the purlpe. Pull tight.

Step 6: Continuing...

You need to continue the steps all the way down untill you have finished. REMEMBER leave a bit of string at the bottom when you tie it in a knot.

Step 7: Finished

Now you have finished and your lucky friend will have their beautiful new bracelet.