Friendship Bracelet

Introduction: Friendship Bracelet

This super easy friendship bracelet is fun to make and share with your friends.


embroidery thread of your choice



tape (optional)

Step 1: Choose Your Colors

You can use 1-6 colors on this bracelet. I chose these two colors because they reminded me of a campfire.

Step 2: Cut Your Embroidery Thread

Depending on how many colors you use will determine how many strands you will need.

1 color = 6, 24 in. strands of that color

2 colors = 3, 24 in. strands of each color

3 colors = 2, 24 in. strands of each color

6 colors = 1, 24 in. strand of each color

Step 3: Tie

Tie all the strands together

at this point you can tape down the knot (optional)

Step 4: Split Into 3's

By now you should have 6 strands

Split the 6 strands in to 2 groupings of 3

Step 5: Make a Four

Cross the right side over the left and make a four shape.

Step 6: Under and Over

Take the top strand and weave it under the first strand and over the top of the second one.

Step 7: Pull Tight

Pull both strands tight. Make sure the loop doesn't go over the first knot.

Step 8: Repeat

Repeat the same steps but make sure to do it on the other side.

Step 9: Repeat

Repeat the steps.

(You are basically tie knot over and over again)

Step 10: Repeat

This the bracelet halfway through.

Step 11: Finish

Continue knotting until you reach your desired length. Tie it around your wrist and make another for your friend.

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