Introduction: Friendship Bracelet Patterns - Friendship Last Forever

Step 1: Take a NO.72 Red Cord, Fold It in Half and String the Hole of Jadeite Leaf Shaped Charm Bead. Then Start to Braid Bracelet by Using the Square Knot. Repeat the Same Steps on the Other Side.

Step 2: Take Another Red Cord to Start Braiding With Square Knot Which Is Designed to Ensure That the Bracelet Will Never Be Slipped Off and Can Be Adjusted to Apply Different Wrists With Different Size.

Step 3: Thread the Two Green Jadeite Jade Beads When You Finished Braiding. Tie an Overhand Knot in Case the Beads May Slip Off. Trim the Excess Cords and Burn the Tails of Cords.

Step 4: Done It!

Step 5: