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Introduction: Frisbee Carabiner Clip

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Ever wanted to carry around a Frisbee, but didn't have the room in your bag? I love being able to throw around a disc whenever I can, but I had no room for a Frisbee in my school bag. Well this neat little gadget fixes that!

All you need is a carabiner, a Frisbee, the two 3D printed parts in the next step, and something to clip your Frisbee to.

Step 1: 3D Files

These parts should be printed with at least 3 perimeters, and at least 25% infill. Both pieces will need support material. This can take a while to clean out, but be patient and you will have a clean, strong part to carry your Frisbee.

I printed both parts so that their flat surface was laying on the bed. This makes the strong plane of the part in the direction in which they will be taking the most force.

You can use ABS or PLA, either should be strong enough to hold the Frisbee.

These files are also hosted on my Thingiverse page:

Step 2: Clipping Your Frisbee

First take the U-shaped clip and clip it onto the rim of your Frisbee. Then place the upper clip so that is slots over the lower clip, as shown above. Next, insert your carabiner into the hole of the clip. Now all you have to do is clip your Frisbee to your bag!

Step 3: Have Fun!

Enjoy carrying your Frisbee wherever you go!

Note: Frisbees come in many shapes and sizes, as do carabiners, so this object is not guaranteed to work with any Frisbee/carabiner. The Frisbee is a basic Wham-O model, and is typical of most frisbees. The Carabiner is also a standard model, with a roughly 7.7mm or 5/16" diameter cross section. This will probably work with your frisbee, but may need to be altered slightly.

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    2 years ago

    great design! fits the ultrastar disc very snuggly. printing a bunch for the folks I play pick up ultimate with!


    6 years ago

    What's your teams Number for FRC?


    Reply 6 years ago

    I was on Team 4077, MASH, from Washington.

    What about you?

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    This is a great design. I am going to have to show this to my frisbee golf friends.