From Waste to Taste

Introduction: From Waste to Taste

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Well Now-a-days due to the climatic changes the food stuff kept in our house tend to spoil. Today i am going to show you guyz how we can produce a another good quality patato from the waste by putting some small amount of efforts

Step 1: Dont Throw Use It

If you guyz see a patato with a white colour thing on it dont just throw it.

Step 2:

Step 3: Outdoor Work

Just dig a small hole on the ground surface. Then if your patato sprouts are on the two ends of the patato you can actually cut it into pieces and plant both of the potato's. If not on the either side you can directly plant it.

Step 4: Success

in a few days of slightly watering you can see small leaves coming out of ur wasted papato this may help you encourage. After that You can remove it after 7-8 days and may serve it . This will help in yours daily activity and you can also use ur waste for benefit

Step 5:

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