Introduction: From Wine Crate to Display Cabinet

About: there's not much to say, i'm here because i love crafts and recycled stuff. i did several stuff for my homeplace and i thought it could be interesting to share my ideas.

I had this set of classic Matriochkas on a shelf, the biggest one is cracked on the right side.
to prevent from catching the dust (and to hide this big crack), i wanted to display them into a windowed box like the ones i saw at Ikea.
i still got some glass pannels and some small wine crates i haven't used yet...

materials :
-a wine crate
-a glass pannel
-russian dolls
-some old wallpaper
-wood glue
-a pencil, a glass cutter and x-acto knife

this one is 26 by 32 cm and 10cm deep. it used to have a sliding lid, that is pretty handy to slide a glass pannel instead.
the whole dolls fit just right in. well, i thought they did. But the biggest one revealed to be too fat to allow the glass pannel to close entirely. Using a dremel, i carved into the bottom of the box just right at the place Big Mama's butt was rubbing.

Tip : to know exactly where i had to dig, i rubbed a crayon against Big Mama's butt, then rubbed the crayonned part against the wood, right at the place she would stand in the end. (it's almost the same technic used by dentists to check and fix rough parts when they install a crown of tooth, except they used pieces of carbon paper)
i repeated the crayon rubbing process and carved until the glass pannel finally slide perfectly. (actually it's a bit tight but heh...)

I also used the crayon to mark the glass before to cut.

I had to pimp this wooden box, i chose a piece of vintage wallpaper. it's nicely kitsch :D
of course i cut out the paper where i carved to make the fat Mama fit into the box.

The dolls are glued with wood glue, to prevent any scrambling episode.