Introduction: Front Yard Without Grass - Replace Lawn With an Edible Garden

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Step 1: Smother and Replace Lawn With Mulch

To kill grass naturally, use cardboard and ramial chipped wood (wood chip mulch).

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How to drop down the cardboard?

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Step 2: Mulching a Garden Bed

After you putted carboadr in place, add mulch over them.

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Step 3: Log Garden Bed Edging and Design Garden Paths

Buy a roll of landscape fabric for your garden path

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Cutting logs for your bed edging:

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Put gravel or stone dust on your landscape fabric:

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After landscaping, you are ready to planting in your bed (vegetable or plants)

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DIY projects: Install a front yard vegetable garden

French instructions. Instructions en français: Aménager un jardin en façade.