Introduction: Frozen Character Altoid Tin Display

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How to make a cute display of paper Elsa and Anna

Step 1: Cut Shapes From Paper

You will need colored scrapbook paper, Altoid tin, glitter, stickers, glue, scissors and any other little decorations you want to add. start cutting your background papers by tracing your tin and cutting out rectangles. next begin by cutting the shapes of the girls' clothes, faces and hair. add hands and shoes.

Step 2: Place Pieces

Before you start gluing, cut out background shapes and lay them out. once you're satisfied, start gluing background shapes. I made the girls separately then glued them to there scene. You will now have a card for each side.

Step 3: Finishing

The last part of finishing the girls' look is adding their eyes and lips.I drew the iris and pupil on white paper then cut out eye shapes, glued on the eyes then lined them with a super fine black marker. Don't forget the eyelashes! Lips can just be a sliver of pink paper glued in place.

Line the inside edges of the tin with strips of paper or ribbon. Then, glue in your finished cards. It is optional but you can also design a stand with extra frills as decoration.

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