Introduction: Full Body Dumbbell Workout W/ Beginner Modification

This intense full body dumbbell workout is great for both cardio and strength training. There are total 6 exercise combos to help you burn out your full body muscles, shoot up your heart rate off the roof, and burn a lot of calories both during and after the workout. Beginner low impact modifiers are also included for anyone who suffer knee pains or who are new to fitness.
If you only have access to a light set of dumbbells or if you are looking for some interesting yet intense full body workout to boost your metabolism and burn a lot of body fat, then this is the perfect workout for you.

Here are the 6 exercise combos and time stamps:

Exercise combo 1, 0:22, 1 toe touch, 1 dual bicep curl, 1 half tuck jump, 10 rep total

Exercise combo 2, 0:52, 1 single leg jump, 1 tricep extension, 10 rep each side

Exercise combo 3, 1:39, 1 sumo squat, 1 squat jump, 1 shoulder press, 10 reps

Exercise combo 4, 1:59, 1 plank jack, 2 dumbbell rows, 10 reps total

Exercise combo 5, 2:29, 1 reverse lunge, 1 jump, 1 single leg deadlift, 10 reps each side

Exercise combo 6, 3:04, 1 plank in/out ab, 1 wide pushup, 10 reps total

You should feel completely exhausted after just 1 round but you can rest for 1 to 2 min then repeat these 6 exercise combos 3 to 5 times.

Hopefully you find this workout helpful and for more dumbbell or barbell workouts below:

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