Introduction: Wireless Power Transfer Radio Waves

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This should be one of the easiest Wireless power transfer circuit ever built. It harvests the RF frequency via tuner pancake coil. The signal are picked by the full wave RF rectifier cum induction coil. It works as Radio too, However the gain in the RF tuner for LED light is quite astronomical...! The links are in my YouTube channel.

The receiver circuit consist of pancake winding and the power transfer is picked by the induction coil up to a distance of some 5cm, beyond that it starts to flicker. I am sure this simplest innovation on wireless power with substantial gain may change the way we actually harness power in low energy drivers running almost everywhere one can imagine. To sum up tweaked pancake coil combination with a coupled induction circuit may lead to a numerous design combination to make TESLA wireless power transmission a big reality in coming days. Love you all…till next time.

To create the Full wave RF rectifier/ wireless receiver/ induction coil arrangements you need two LED lights, one insulated copper wire around 10m, and enameled copper wire around 30ms. The led lights comes with the lighters one gets in the market.

Step 1: Preparing the Pancake Coil

Take a CD. Winding of insulated copper wire over the flat surface of CD can be tricky though, but you have to use the black tape, and some glue. Make sure to leave around some extra wires at both the ends. After completion of winding the assembly should like what I have shown in the picture.

Step 2: Preparing the RF Full Wave Rectifier and Receiver Coil

For this you need enameled copper wire. Make a coil around 10 cm dia 25 turns leaving a bit of wire and make another coil with the first end soldered to the end wire of the coil 1 and and also wind 25 turns. The tricky bit comes here. Once this is complete solder 2 short end of led and connect it to mid end, where both the end of copper coil is joined. For other two ends connect the first end of coil 1 in Led 1 and next end of coil to the remaining end of Led 2. Your induction cum RF wave receiver coil is complete now.

Step 3: Assembly of RF Rectifier and Induction Coil

In the pancake coil one of the long 100m stretched arial. On the other end of the pancake coil connect the next arial end. This connection is connected with the ground also. The assembly of RF tuner is complete now.

Step 4: See How the Assembly Works Now

Now your pancake tuner circuit is complete and also the induction circuit. Put the tuner pancake in the flat surface over a table. Place the Rectifier circuit cum wireless receiver over the pancake coil and presto. Your system works, see how the led lights starts to glow. The beauty of this is the it utilizes the full wave of RF power of medium wave frequency. In Kathmandu MW requency is 790 KHz, hope you also have similar frequency in your area.. ! Cheers.

Step 5: Full Wave Rectifier and Wireless Video

Shall be uploading illustrative video very soon. My other video's of half wave rectifier and wireless induction circuit playlist of YouTube is attached in the link