Fun Cork: Heart Necklace




Introduction: Fun Cork: Heart Necklace

Ahh, love!. So many ways to express it. So many opportunities to say it! Even for a shy person there is always a way...if there's a will, there's a way. This one for example: a nice cork necklace very easy to make using natural materials.

Step 1: Materials

A piece of cork (mine is 3 x 1.5 x 1.0 cm)

Sanding block or sand paper

1 untreated wooden bead (mine is 0.5 cm diameter)

Craft knife

Long rounded leather or cotton cord that fits through the wooden bead's hole.

Drilling machine or hand drill

Drill bit (same diameter of the wooden bead's hole)


Step 2: Give the Cork a Heart Shape

Cut a piece of cork taking care of your fingers. I am sure a wine or a champagne cork will work perfectly. I get my cork blocks from a hardware store.

Draw the heart shape and cut. If you use a cork block, save the little pieces because there are always opportunities to use them.

Step 3: A Smooth Heart.

Time to use the sand paper to make the surface and the shape smooth. I always find it gratifying to sand wood or cork, because of the fine results. In this step, you can decide whether to paint, polish or adorn your heart. In my case, I like to show the natural color and texture.

Step 4: One More Step and It's Ready

Drill a hole through one of the heart lobes using a hand drill or an electric one. If you have a thin screw, it will work as well.

Grab your cotton or leather cord and fit it through the wooden bead, then through the hole in the heart. If you want to use a golden bead or a glass bead, it will look lovely.

At the end of your bead make a knot to avoid it from gliding away from the heart.

Once you decide how long the necklace will be, it's done.

Lovely, natural, easy and yet, it screams love!

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