Introduction: Fun Infant Car Seat Cover- With Pockets and Pacifier/toy Holder

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Its getting cold and I needed to keep my baby warm. So I first made the yoshi egg car seat cover, and I had so many people that loved it, and wanted to know how I made it. So it  inspired me to come up with one that was cute, better put together, with pockets, and toy/pacifier holder to keep track of things when you are on the go. I plan on getting a light up toy to hang on it, so that when the door is shut my baby can watch the pretty lights.

What you need:

1 1/2 yard of flannel fabric
1 1/2 yard of fleece fabric
2 feet of elastic
8 Inches of velcro
Brown, tan, and white sheet of felt
Brown, and white thread
1 zipper
Sewing machine
Embroidery machine (Optional)

Step 1: Measuring, Preparing, and Adding Top Velcro

Take your fleece and drape it over the car seat, make sure you have plenty of fabric on both ends to add the elastic later. I left extra in the front to give my son kicking room because he has long legs. While it is draped measure and pin what you plan on cutting off . Then pin the fleece to the flannel, and cut off the extra. Then pin the length sides together and sew them together. I sewed the sides together first, so that I could add the elastic to the ends later. Turn the fabric right side out, and drape the fabric again on the car seat, then mark with pins where you plan to add the velcro that keeps the fabric to the handle. Just below this velcro you will pin on another piece of velcro that will keep your door open. Sew velcro where your pins have marked on the fleece, and another piece just below these.

Step 2: Adding the Elastic to Ends

This is only the second time I've used elastic so if you have a better way to do it have at it because my way took FOREVER :) So what I did was stretch the elastic to the ends of the car seat, and then cut it. When you let go of it then it should shrink down fairly small, that way you know it will be nice and tight when placed on the car seat. I took the piece and placed it in the middle of the end between the fleece, and flannel. I pinned across the ends the width of the elastic, so that when you pull it through later you have plenty of room. I then sewed straight across the end. I then pinned the elastic in place in the middle while I gathered the fabric and worked the fabric all the way down to the end (similar to rethreading a string on a hoodie sweatshirt). You can't see anything, you just have to feel with your fingers where your elastic is, and work it all the way to the end.  Once I reached the end, I pinned it in place, and then sewed it in place on the ends of the elastic.

This car seat had a perfect place to add some added fabric security, so I sewed on a piece of elastic to the outside of the fabric, that stretches around to anchor it in place at the handles.

Step 3: Adding Door and Zipper

I placed a bowl to trace on top of the fabric. Make sure you fabric is laying flat while do this so that you trace correctly. Then cut out the circle on both layers, and pin it for sewing. Then cut down where you would like your zipper to be, and pin that in place for sewing as  well. Then sew the edges of the circle and the zipper on.

Step 4: Making the Monkey Door

I measured a piece of fleece that would be big enough to cover the circle door completely, I decided to add embroidery so I cut out two pieces of fleece, one for the backside, and front. Then I drew out the shapes to make the monkey face, put them in place, and pinned them down to sew. Then I took off the foot on my sewing machine, turned off the feeder foot, and free hand sewed the shapes into place. With the back side, I added embroidery, and a piece of velcro that will keep the door open, as well as a velcro loop that can be used to hold pacifiers, and toys in place. Then I placed the two fleece pieces together inside out and sewed them together leaving the top unsewn. Then I turned it rightside out, and sewed the top to the circle door.

Step 5: Adding a Pocket

I added a pocket for my phone, car keys, and wallet when shopping. It is so much easier to just take the car seat and not have to worry about a purse as well. To add the pockets I cut out a piece sewed the ends to keep it from fraying, then folded it over, and sewed them together, leaving the top open. Then turned it right side out, and sewed it in place. I also added a top flap to keep things covered.

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